Memory Care

Caring for Senior

In memory care facilities, common spaces are provided for socialization, meals and activities. These facilities have enhanced visual cues (such as signs or pictures) to help residents feel more oriented in unfamiliar surroundings. The decor of memory care facilities varies, but most seek to achieve a home-like setting.

This is why Assurety Senior care and its comfortable, luxurious home-like setting is the perfect environment to yield confidence in our ability to care for your loved one who has been stricken with any form of dementia.

Studies have shown that the social aspects of a group are beneficial to patients with Alzheimer's or other dementias. This level of care offers 24 hour supervision, meals, activities, and care services specific to each resident. Memory Care facilities are secured to prevent residents from wandering. Usually within these secured areas, residents can enjoy indoor walking paths, or outdoor paths or gardens. At Assurety, your loved one suffering from any form of dementia is under close supervision and care throughout the day and night, ensuring a comfortable, safe environment with the professionals and personalities to effectively handle any situation.

Whatever your loved one’s situation, there are many options to choose from that will be meet his or her unique needs, and the smaller style family home environment at Assurety is the ideal setting where these unique needs are consistently met.

What is Memory Care?

What exactly is memory care?  Memory care is the term for a long-term care option for patients who have been diagnosed with such conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, or those who have problems with at least two areas of daily living (ADLs). These secure, specialized facilities offer services and structure specially designed to accommodate those with various forms of dementia.

A memory care environment is designed for persons with a level of impairment making it unsafe for him or her to continue to stay at home, but who does not require the intensive care of a skilled nursing facility. Regardless, Assurety Senior Care still offers a highly trained and skilled nursing and caregiver staff with a remarkable caregiver-to-resident ratio, making us equipped to personally and professionally offer the highest level of care.

Memory care allows a person experiencing memory loss to maintain a level of independence while relying on the safety and security of being in a residential facility with a professional staff.

In a memory care facility, the staff has had specialized training in caring for those with dementia and related diseases. Expert management can make a significant difference to a memory  impaired individual, and equip a caregiver with the physical and psychological resources they need. Memory care communities are often incorporated as separate care units of assisted living communities. In memory care, memory-impaired residents have access to 24-hour support and programs that ensure their safety and quality of life. Residents receive the necessary care they need by a staff that is specially trained in caring for individuals with dementia.