Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon Mountain and City View

Assurety's location is ideal for those seeking assisted living and senior care in a beautiful, centrally located, Pacific Northwest location.  Our beautiful Vancouver, WA adult family home is a mere 10 minutes  from the beautiful city of Portland by freeway.  Family visits to loved ones at Assurety Senior Care can be even more enjoyable as the city of Portland's sights, sounds, destinations and cultural offerings are just a short drive from our Vancouver location.  There is so much to see and do in this fabulous city, and when coupled with a visit to your loved one at Assurety, the close proximity of Portland to Vancouver can make for a wonderful week long or weekend getaway.

Portland, Oregon, "The City of Roses", is the largest city in Oregon and the second largest city in the entire Pacific Northwest. Portland lies between two mountain ranges, the Cascade Range to the east and the lower Coast Range to the west. The city is divided by the Willamette River and the Columbia River, the largest river in the Pacific Northwest that flows between the states of Oregon and Washington.

Vistas of Mt. Hood and the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, stately evergreen trees and roses at every turn give the city stunning seasonal color. Environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling and a widespread public transportation system, are part of the culture here and stimulate many progressive eco-friendly urban city planning practices, such as an urban growth boundary, which have made Portland a very compact city. Unlike most similar-sized metropolitan areas in the country, you can drive 15 minutes from downtown and be out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest country.

Portland lies 50 miles to the east of majestic Mount Hood, which forms the perfect backdrop for Portland's skyline. Just 179 miles to the South of Seattle, Washington. Portland is 80 miles from the Pacific Ocean and another quick 80 miles from both Seaside and Lincoln City Oregon, two favorite vacation spots along the Oregon coast.

As the largest city between San Francisco and Seattle, Portland forms part of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area, the 23rd-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Portland has retained the relaxed feeling of a smaller town while still rapidly growing, but hasn’t developed to the point of being overwhelming.

Portland is a great place to experience the best in art, culture and cuisine. The city is noted for its scenic beauty, laid-back lifestyle, a lively music and arts scene, wineries and microbreweries. It’s a city with a vibrant downtown, pretty residential neighborhoods with a lovely blend of historic and modern architecture and many lush parks that offer a variety of plants, trails, and wildlife near the city.

The Fabulous Portland Market

The Portland Saturday Market is the largest continually operating outdoor arts and crafts market in the nation. Centered in Portland’s historic Old Town-Chinatown, the Market is a popular shopping destination for local handcrafted goods, street food stalls and live local entertainment. This is where the city comes alive! Arts and crafts, clothes, jewelry, food selections, flower booths, beautiful views, beautiful people, gorgeous green lawn to relax on, so many interesting vendors! This place is just bustling with artists, food vendors, musicians, locals, tourists.

Wherever you go in Portland, you’re never far from an art house, brewpub, gourmet coffee shop, performance space or gallery. Portland’s Cultural District rivals anyplace in the United States. Some have drawn comparisons to New York City.

Portland has very little snow, instead the winters are rainy. The marine air keeps temperatures moderate, and the summers are mild and pleasant, with temperatures rarely over 85 degrees. The average temperature is 54°F degrees.

Overall, our location is ideal for retirement and specialized care in the latter stages of one's life. We are proud to provide eldercare services to those in need, and couldn't be happier to be situated so perfectly between two marvelous destinations.