Assurety Senior Care provides a full range of senior assisted living, dementia and memory care and personalized care services for the aging and/or declining adult. As our loved ones age, it is critical that all the years of love, attention and dedication they've given to you be deservingly provided to them.  We pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence in all aspects of assisted living, memory care and any specialized form of care required by all of our residents.

We take great care in all we do and all we provide to seniors in need of care, assistance and attention of any kind.  The setting at Assurety is a comfortable, luxurious, smaller home setting that allows us to focus on each and every resident regardless of age, condition or ailment.

This adult family home style setting allows us to provide unprecedented nursing and senior care services that are personalized and one-on-one.  Assurety provides as many as two caregivers for each resident ensuring that your loved ones will always receive the care and attention they require.  Unlike a larger senior facility or nursing home with a high resident to caregiver ratio, Assurety's smaller setting means that your loved one is in attentive and caring hands. This smaller, home-style senior care setting is ideal for those who require specific, dedicated assistance.

Assurety Senior Care is a provides a full range senior, elder and memory care services in an immaculate, comfortable and luxurious setting. While you're here, please take a look around our website and contact us with any questions.

The best caregiver-to-resident ratio in the industry

Unlike most large retirement and assisted living facilities who typically average 17 residents to every 1 caretaker, we pride ourselves on a caretaker-to-resident ratio that is unsurpassed in the industry: Assurety provides 1 to 2 caring professional caregivers to every one resident in our family care community. From assisted living needs and requirements, to those in need of specialized memory care services, our staff is deeply committed to every resident's well being, health and happiness.