Nursing Care

Assurety offers long-term nursing care in a beautiful, peaceful, healing setting. Our aspiration is to provide quality of life and a loving home with compassionate care for all who choose to live here. We believe that an important element in providing long-term care is to treat each resident with full dignity and respect in all aspects of their lives, including their nursing care.

Assurety has a well-established reputation for its outstanding  nursing services. Our residents benefit from years of experience in elder-care and an interdisciplinary team approach to care that provides residents with an atmosphere that promotes emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well being.

Dedicated Nursing Professionals

We have a staff of caring, dedicated, and friendly nursing professionals who provide care and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These compassionate and professional team members are committed to each resident's quality of life and have been specially trained to work with the geriatric patient.

Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff includes more than 5 licensed and certified nursing professionals who provide the  nursing services essential to quality care.

Medical Professionals

Our medical staff includes 2 board certified geriatricians and 5 licensed RNs. We work with each on an as-needed basis, and also work with a geriatric psychiatrist who provides counseling, neuropsychological testing and clinical evaluations.  Residents are visited by our medical director or other physicians at least once a month for a wellness exam and more often if necessary.

Ongoing Medical Attention

Assurety will also always provide access as needed to all types of medical specialists to ensure the overall well being of every resident.