Smaller Sized Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilties

Smaller really is better! And when it comes to your loved ones, why not opt for the best, most personalized care you can find.  Care that takes each individual's best health and well being interests to heart.  Care that offers companionship, actual closely supervised assistance and a watchful eye that ensures those you care so deeply about are under the constant watch and supervision of individuals who take safety, happiness and well being to heart.

An article by Reuters, entitled: Small house-style nursing homes get high marks, discusses how smaller assisted living and specialized care facilities offer an attractive living option for individuals who might benefit from a homelike setting with a small number of residents. An alternative to the larger setting of assisted living, care homes offer residents the opportunity to interact with the entire household, which often includes the operator’s family, children, pets, the other residents and their families.

Adult care homes provide room, board and care much like assisted living facilities, but in a smaller, more personal setting. In contrast to assisted living with its more active social opportunities, care homes specialize in more hands-on care and personal attention and nursing home services. As with other care communities, the level of care and focus varies. But many care homes specialize by design and staffing to attend people with memory care issues such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Due to the nature of adult care homes’ familial relationship, the providers cultivate an “age in place” environment, often keeping residents through the “end of life.”  By offering continuity and avoiding multiple moves, residents and their families enjoy reduced stress and avoid trauma.

Depending on residents’ needs, adult care homes provide family-style meals, supervision, assistance with medications and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and social activities. Most care homes offer private and semi-private rooms and 24-hour personalized care. Some specialize in dementia and mental health issues while others cater to conditions such as diabetes. Another contingency provides more resort-style facilities, often boasting a full menu of amenities such as landscaped gardens, organized social outings and weekly live entertainment.

The best caregiver-to-resident ratio in the industry

Unlike most large retirement and assisted living facilities who typically average 17 residents to every 1 caretaker, we pride ourselves on a caretaker-to-resident ratio that is unsurpassed in the industry: Assurety provides 1 to 2 caring professional caregivers to every one resident in our family care community. From assisted living needs and requirements, to those in need of specialized memory care services, our staff is deeply committed to every resident's well being, health and happiness.