At Assurety Senior Care, we value each and every individual, their families and all their loved ones. It takes more than just providing a home for those in need. True care requires patience, love and commitment; all qualities you will find in every staff member at Assurety. Nothing pleases us more than to receive kind words and praise from residents and/or their loved ones. It is these words which motivate and excite us to continue making a difference in the lives of people who matter more than ever.

My mom resided at Assurety Senior Care for about 3 years. I looked at many facilities and this one caught my eyes right away. The staff is so loving and caring! It's a clean facility, looks very warm and homey inside. All the staff at Assurety were wonderful and knew my mom by name. If families members ever have questions or concerns, they always welcome you to ask and setup meetings. The staff always had hugs for me during this difficult time in my mom's life. I will always recommend Assurety Senior Care to anyone!

What we observed were 2 people making a difference in people's lives - never was my mom in want of anything. They were constantly making sure everything was OK with her, as well as the other women in their care. Jim and Laura always did it with a smile, and love in their hearts.


I am writing this letter to express the thanks I feel for the care and love that Jim and Laura show the ladies at Assurety Adult Family Home in Vancouver, Washington. My mother, Florence Reardon is one of them.

She is suffering from dementia and had a series of strokes in December 2006. She could no longer live alone and take care of herself. My sister Shirley placed mom in a highly recommended adult home (after checking it out carefully).

Well - things are not always as they appear and within three months mom was moved into Jim and Laura's care. What a God send! She is now truly with people who are concerned about her well being. My wife and I were down there for several days in April 2007 to "check it out" and we were extremely impressed. These 2 people give 24 hours a day of their lives to give comfort and peace to those who are in the last days of their lives (at least in the case of my mom).

What we observed were 2 people making a difference in people's lives - never was my mom in want of anything. They were constantly making sure everything was OK with her, as well as the other women in their care. Jim and Laura always did it with a smile, and love in their hearts.

While we were there, we were allowed to spend as much time as we wanted with mom and were able to observe a log. My sisters and I realize that my mom is in the very best care that she can possibly be in - and that is all because of Jim and Laura.

I thank them with all my heart and soul and I pray that they will always be there for my mom.

John F. Reardon

John F. Reardon

We wanted to thank you so much for the loving care that you gave our mom, Mary. She really loved living there with you, Jonathan and Lorena, and your wonderful staff. the only regret that we have is that we did not find you sooner. We are so thankful that for the last 20 months of her life, she lived with dignity, happiness and love.

Jim, Mom so loved your garden and all the beautiful flowers. She especially enjoyed the lovely baskets you planted outside of her door and loved just sitting in the garden among those incredible flowers.

Laura, Mom really enjoyed her "spa" days. Although she would always say she did not know why she got all that attention, we know she absolutely loved it! She always looked wonderful and the compliments she received about her beautiful skin were all due to the loving care she received from you.

She was always excited to hear about Jonathan and Lorena's achievements in school - they are exceptional kids! She really enjoyed it when Jonathan played his trumpet!

Mom loved your birds and we think she was secretly very proud when they mimicked her whistle.

Although she had the most beautiful room, she really only wanted to sleep in it. She so enjoyed sitting in the family room in the middle of all the activity. She never wanted to be alone and soaked up everything that was going on around her. She was truly happy there.

We also want to thank you for letting us become part of your family. We always felt welcome there, each and every time we came to see mom. We will truly miss you and hope that we can come back and visit and sit in your garden from time to time.

Please share this letter with any family that is looking for a loving and caring home for their loved one. They could not choose a better place.

With Love,

Pat & Chris

I really recommend a tour of Assurety Senior Care, I was really impressed... it's a beautiful facility with gorgeous gardens and very warm and cozy. The owners are on site so you don't have to worry about your loved ones not being taken care of properly. It really didn't feel like a retirement place, it's home away from home.  I was extremely impressed!

I have looked for a place for my mother and this is the home we have chosen for her. Lovely staff, children, pets and other residents fill the day with fun, laughter, activities, games, therapy, entertainment and music!

My Mother, Arlene Summers has been a resident at Assurety Family Home since November 2009. We have been SO PLEASED with the care she has received there.

Laura makes sure she is beautifully groomed and ready for the day each and every day. She has become basically immobile due to her dementia, but the staff works with her every day trying to present interesting projects for her to do and making sure she does not sit in one place too long. There is always assistance in her transfers as it does take more than one person to handle her. She is never left alone, and the staff is attentive to her every need, even if only repositioning her for comfort.

She has virtually lost the ability to swallow without prompting. Her feeding has been adjusted accordingly. When they found she had trouble even swallowing saliva in her mouth, they asked the doctor to order an aspirator which has made her life ever so much more pleasant for her and will be safer for her should she have a choking spell.

At Assurety they have a wonderful rapport with a doctor who visits in the home, as most of the residents are immobile and should not venture out without a trained aide. This doctor has seen fit to remove a number of unnecessary medications, and that has helped Mother’s mental outlook tremendously. He has added medications only when and if necessary. He also arranged for flu shots.

When Mother had a medical emergency which required a trip to the hospital, 911 was called immediately. When it was time to come home, Jim came in his personal vehicle to take her home comfortably. The care and concern was of love, not of necessity.

Jim and Laura are very concerned about the health of the people who come in the door at Assurety. This is greatly appreciated. Their concern is to protect the health of the residents to the greatest degree possible.

And birthday and holidays are to be celebrated!! That adds some spark to the day…lots of decorations and lots of extras.

Feel free to call if you have any questions - I’ll be glad to answer any and all.

Fran Wagner Vancouver, WA

Most times in life when something seems too good to be true, that is because it’s not. Well, Assurety Senior Care is all that it first appears to be and much more!

Laura, Jim, and the rest of their staff provide exceptionally loving, individualized professional care which has dramatically benefited both the physical and emotional health of our mother. And she loves living there, too! Instead of trying to manage one crisis after another, like we did at two previous facilities, we now have the pleasure of just enjoying time with Mom, knowing that she is always well cared for when we are not there.

One year ago, we were facing such rapidly deteriorating health, Mom was only expected to live another couple months. Now thanks to the Assurety Senior Care she is thriving and in the best health and spirits that she has enjoyed in years. It is such a positive, nurturing living environment with plenty of stimulation and an excellent care-giver to resident ratio.

Fortunately, we trusted that Laura and Jim were as genuine and competent as they seemed. We highly recommend this facility!

Carol Meyer

I never thought my grandmother would be so happy. Thank you Laura for being her guardian angel.


...the only regret that we have is that we did not find you sooner. We are so thankful that for the last 20 months of her life, she lived with dignity, happiness and love.

Thank you so much for taking care of my mom! She loves it there! Laura is her little angel!